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As official dealer of John Deere, which is the world leader in supplying advanced products and services in the area of forestry, Hencon Forestry supplies high-quality machines. Are there any new developments in forestry that could make your operations even more efficient? We would be happy to help you and look at your specific work situation. Hencon Forestry is a specialist in biomass machinery and is pleased to contribute ideas. The AXSEL press collectors, chippers and stump grinders enable you to work sustainably and efficiently with low costs of maintenance and processing.

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Forestry trade fair KWF in Schwarzenborn (Germany)
Festive opening in Brandscheid

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Discover Hencon Forestry, the specialist in and dealer of John Deere forestry machines and mobile equipment. These heavy-duty high-tech machines are part of our customised overall solutions, serving progress and the key to progress and operational reliability. The engineering and production of customised solutions with respect to these machines take place in our very advanced workshop in Ulft. That is also where our training centre is located, where our specialists will be happy to train you so that you can continue to grow in one of our wonderful jobs in technology. In addition to our internal training opportunities, we constantly follow John Deere courses at various locations. This is not only a good way to stay up to date, but also to keep things interesting!

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